Volume 1, Issue 1, Pages 1–80



1. Why Romanian Journal of Food Science?
     Pages 1–2
     Maria TURTOI

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2. Acrylamide levels in food Review Article
     Pages 3–15
     Daniela BORDA and Petru ALEXE

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3. New glucose biosensor: Analytical tool for approximate assessment of acrylamide
     formation in processed potatoes
Original Research Article
     Pages 16–25
     Carmen CREANGA and Nabil EL MURR

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4. Temperature response of new lager brewing strains isolated from WS34/70 Original
    Research Article

     Pages 26–38
     Irina BOLAT, Maria TURTOI and Michael C. WALSH

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 5. AISI 430 stainless steel behaviour at different disinfectants Original Research Article
      Pages 39–44
      Mihaela BRUMĂ, Maricica STOICA, Geta CÂRÂC and Petru ALEXE

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 6. Effect of thermal processing on quality of polyfloral honey Original Research Article
      Pages 45–52
      Monica MARIAN and Anca PETER

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 7. Influence of plum and apricot addition on rheological properties of bread Original Research

      Pages 53–58
      Diana-Veronica DOGARU, Daniela STOIN, Constantin MATEESCU and Teodor-Ioan TRAŞCĂ

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 8. Influence of Laura variety potato on fermenting potential of Saccharomyces cerevisiae
      cultivated in batch system
Original Research Article
      Pages 53–64
      Maria-Lidia IANCU and Letiţia OPREAN

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 9. Determination of patulin in apple juice Original Research Article
      Pages 65–69
      Monica CATANĂ, Luminiţa CATANĂ, Gabriela LILIOS, Mioara NEGOIŢĂ,
      Enuţa IORGA, Nastasia BELC and Alina BALEA

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10. Formation of polysaccharide multilayer coatings on emulsion droplets Original Research

       Pages 70–73
       Denisa E. DUŢĂ, Timothy R. NOEL and Stephen G. RING

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11. Content evaluation of some vegetal pigments from wheat shoots obtained
       by germination consecutive to zinc treatment
Original Research Article
       Pages 74–80
       Camelia MOLDOVAN, Eugeniu CRĂINICEANU, Nicoleta-Gabriela HĂDĂRUGĂ, Delia-Gabriela
       DUMBRAVĂ, Mărioara DRUGĂ, Mirela POPA, Mihai DRUGĂ and Bogdan RĂDOI

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